Mangalore Defence Base Upgrade

Date: May 2018- July 2019
Client: Watpac
Location: Mangalore, Victoria
Subcontract Value: $8,000,000.00


This project involved approximately 4km of road upgrades inside the defence base, new concrete hardstands and construction of new buildings. The project provided challenges of working in a live defence site including careful programming and flexibility to work in with defence operations, stringent security provisions, management of vibration control, and various other operational constraints.

  • Road construction of approximately 4km
  • Construction of approximately 5000m2 of Heavy Duty Concrete Hardstands
  • Stormwater Drainage and Car parks
  • Construction of 4 new building pads
  • Traffic management and escort vehicles


Executive Summary

Gearon Civil worked closely with Watpac to successfully deliver a large Civil and building package for defence. The job spanned approximately 12 months and was staged into numerous areas to ensure continuity of works and minimise impact to general defence operations.

Given the operational challenges, and the remote location of the project, our team, subcontractors and suppliers managed to deliver a very successful project. We have since completed numerous projects on defence sites and are experienced in the requirements and processes.

We look forward to many future defence projects and find it to be a great working environment.

**  Unfortunately, we are unable to supply photographs of the work due to security constraints.