Eastern Treatment Plant Sludge Drying Pan Upgrade

Date: May 2016- July 2018
Client: Melbourne Water
Location: Eastern Treatment Plant, Bangholme
Contract Value: $6m



Gearon Civil was the principal contractor for this project.

Bulk Excavation and pavement construction for 16 new Sludge Drying Pans over two stages. The work involved excavation to new levels, construction of a 600mm thick clay liner under level 1 supervision and construction of a 300mm thick cement treated crushed concrete layer, supply and installation of new HDPE pipe work and the construction of concrete inlet and outlet structures.

  • Bulk Earthworks including construction of Clay Liner (260,000m3)
  • Construction of 300mm thick CTCC Layer (290,000t)
  • Construction of associated haul roads
  •  Supply and Installation of new inlet and outlet HDPE pipework
  • Construction of new concrete inlet and outlet structures
Executive Summary

Gearon Civil worked as a team with Melbourne Water and Alex Fraser to successfully complete this project on time and budget.  The project was run extremely well with a seamless methodology that meant we had very good supply of quarry product which kept the job safe and enabled us to reach our program goals.

One of the largest challenges was the shear number of trucks involved throughout the project.  The project had to be staged in a way that minimised the traffic interface both onsite and on public roads.  The staging worked well, there were no safety incidents.

We built a strong relationship with the Melbourne Water team during this project based on excellent results in safety, efficiency and transparency.